FREITAG trusted Neil to create a film for them without knowing what they will get. 100% artistic freedom and no client revisions is about as good as it can get!

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    TRUCKIN’ by Neil Stubbings

    TRUCKIN is the first film in a series of artist driven short movies about the FREITAG bag production process.

    In the style of a classic Looney Tunes cartoon, TRUCKIN’ combines a moving family drama with an inspiring coming-of-truck story. It’s just about five minutes long, yet the film doesn’t just tell the exciting story of the creation of the first FREITAG bags – like all true works of art, TRUCKIN’ also asks the big questions about humanity, trucks and the recycling economy: Where do we come from? Where are we going? And how are little trucks really made?

    More true FREITAG stories:

    Neil Stubbings is a Director, Designer, Animator and general weird/nice/fun/nerdy guy.

    Neil has a background in classic graphic design, but soon moved into the glamorous world of the moving image by being an intern at a national private TV station. Ever since he touched After Effects for the first time he was hooked.
    Over the years Neil worked Freelance for a lot of national and international clients. He was partner in Zurich based motiondesign shop LeMob for 5 years. And he created a few animated short films all by himself. Some of which were screened at renowned international film festivals.

    He’s available for directing, conception, design and animation work.
    His favorite and most beloved apps are Cinema4D, After Effects and the usual Photoshop and Illustrator.

    He also have fundamental knowledge in Screenwriting and have directed quite a few live action shoots.
    Hit him up for your next project, he would be hyped to work with you!


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