A solitary watchmaker seeks consolation and meaning in his daily routine. Then, one evening, he is offered a very eccentric watch to repair.

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    Ticking Away by Michael Sewnarain

    Ticking Away is a story about a watchmaker. The director, Michael Sewnarain, got the inspiration from observing his father at work. He was a watchmaker himself and the home he grew up in was always full of old clocks in various states of repair. Though it is by no means an autobiographical film, the memories did leave an impression.

    Michael Sewnarain is a animation director/ animator / story-artist / illustrator living and working in the Netherlands with a field experience of over twenty years.
    Throughout the years he has worked on many different type of productions; feature films,TV-specials independent short films and everything inbetween. His main love, though, and the bulk of his experience consists of working on hand drawn, classically animated projects. Apart from collaborating on commercial productions, he enjoys working on his own independent shorts, which he writes and directs.

    Story and Direction                      Michael Sewnarain
    Producers                                   Willem Thijssen & Ignace Collin
    Animation                                    Michael Sewnarain
    Paul Schwarz

    Backgrounds                               Brun Croes
    Michael Sewnarain

    3D support                                  Bunk Timmer
    Music and Sound

    Composed by                              Reinhard Vanbergen
    Musicians:                                   Mark Steylaerts (violin)
    Véronique Gilis (violin)
    Kathelyne Onsia (viola)
    Karel Steylaerts (cello)
    Geert Callaert (piano)
    Gaétan de la Mêla (percussion)

    Sound design & mix                     Bob Kommer Studio’s
    Sound design/Foley artist            Jeroen Nadorp
    Foley Recording                          Robin van der Heiden
    5.1 Cinema Mix                            Jeroen Nadorp

    Compositing & coloring               Fabrique Fantastique

    Supervisor/coordinator                Tom Van Gestel
    Compositing                                Hanne Geeraert
    Compositing/Coloring                  Michael Koning
    Coloring                                       Matthew Lu
    Floriaan den Hoedt
    Quinten Van Epperzeel
    Seppe Dausi

    Project development                    Stichting il Luster Films
    Associate producer                      Nynke Rusticus
    Post production manager            Willem Thijssen
    Grading & DCP (CineMeta)         Stephan Dancer

    Supported by                                Netherlands Film Fund
    Flanders Audiovisual Fund
    ThuisKopie Fund
    Mondriaan Fund

    Contact:                                        info@cinete.nl / sewie@xs4all.nl
    Worldsales:                                   info@sndfilms.com

    A Dutch – Belgian coproduction by CinéTé Filmproduktie & Epeios Productions  –  © 2015

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