Teeth by Daniel Gray and Tom Brown

2D Independent
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A life of a man obsessed by his teeth.

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Directed, written, designed, animated, and produced by Daniel Gray and Tom Brown. Featuring the voice of Richard E. Grant

Executive Producers: Adina Sales, Andrew Linsk, Sean McGovern, Wilson Brown.

Background Artist: Leland Goodman
Flame Artist: Emir Hasham

Sound Design: Antfood
Sound Creative Director: Wilson Brown
Sound Executive Producer: Sean McGovern
Sound Producer: Morgane Mouherat
Sound Designers: Spencer Casey, Charlie Van Kirk, Yuta Endo, Fernando Arruda, Pedro Botsaris, Wilson Brown
Final Mix: Antfood

Produced by Holbrooks
Executive Produced by BLACKLIST

© MMXV Holbrooks & Blacklist




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