Turning Point (Animated Short)

People usually think they have full control over their lives. But sometimes one extra sip of a hot drink may turn your life upside down...

Cargo Cult by Bastien Dubois

The new film from the filmmaker of Madagascar, carnet de voyage!

Doctors of the World – Matthias Hoegg

When war come to her country, Sarah had to flee. Arriving to Uk by herself, she had the help of strangers. But when she become pregnant, she was no longer welcome...

Nachthexen by The Animation Workshop | 2D

An elderly, soft-spoken veteran recalls when she joined the Soviet Air Force’s first all-female bombing squad. She reminisces about her friend Katja, and how they made the best of their antique equipment, struggled with being ostracised from their male comrades, and earned the fearful German nickname 'Nachthexen'.

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