THE SECRET by Leo Dziallas

The Secret is a free project our artist Leo Dziallas created by merging some of his weirdest ideas into a wondrous animated painting.

Sleepless by Tessa Chong

Hypnagogia is the transitional state between wakefulness and sleep... You start falling, then you're slowly running, you start dreaming of lunch, dancing, and shape-shifting into a guy with a million eyes.

BEGINNINGS : a journey through space and time by Ester Rossi

The birth, life and death of a comet, and its journey through the cosmos.

ISLAND BOZO by Jonathan Djob Nkondo

Animated and directed by Jonathan Djob Nkondo

PANACEE by Naleb

Graduation film, made at EMCA

Bob and the Magic Camera

This curious little guy is about to experience the highs and lows of natural photography in a flash.


Long extended version of all the IDs stitch together. Believe it or not, there is a loose narrative that connects them all together.

Mr Blue Footed Booby by Gino Imagino

This Short film is an invitation to a lucid dream. Let's take a dinner together!

Planet by Bang Sangho | 2D

This planet is a medium to observe the unconscious. In the planet, everything is instinctive and free; the creation, the explosion, and the mating are occurred.

Hi Stranger by Kirsten Lepore | Stop Motion

Relax and enjoy this briefly deep conversation. He misses you. Stop motion animated movie by Kristen Lepore

With joy and merriness – MATURE | 2D

"With joy and merriness" is a 2d animated experimental video documentary where we observe, through every day scenes, the degeneration of a society where the rise of technology leeds the population to the biggest dream of all men: immortality

Kaada/Patton – Red Rainbow – Mature

Based on acclaimed artist Dave Cooper's work, The Absence of Eddy Table follows bug-eyed, buck-toothed Eddy, as he's dropped into an exotic world glistening with phallic flowers and libidinous danger.

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