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Totem life | Baby Steps

Basic forms throughout life. Meet the baby, the first one of this collection. Found the rest of the gang at

The Pill

"The Pill" is an Argentine animation, made in 2d, by the Image and Sound Designer, Gastón Herrera. Apolo, a super cop from the city of Buenos Aires, dies mysteriously near a car boning machine. Ranchito finds the lifeless body of Apollo, and together with him: the pill the secret of the super powers.

Jannat’s Silly Adventures Episode 1

2d/3d artist

Jannat’s Silly Adventures Episode 2

2d/3d artist

Jannat’s Silly Adventures Episode 3

2d/3d Artist

Jannats Silly Adventures

2d/3d artist, BA Hons university of Wolverhampton,



Guadeloupe Animation : demonliane episode 2

A guadeloupe man go inside the palace of demonliane. And he break her game call agony. She get so angry, she captur him and she torture him on the balls with a whip.

Guadeloupe Animation demonliane episose 1 the beginning

A young boy, call Antoine trying to edit hes comic book to the editors. But the editor don't want hes comic book. He use black magic to open a gate in hell to bring hell on earth.

It Socks

A short film about the disconforts of socks and what you can do about it.

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