Stop motion

Short film “Claustrum / the place for only one”

This short film is a starting point for «CLAUSTRUM" feature length film making project. The project is being prepared for a crowdfunding campaign.

Weaver – Boxes

A genderless humanlike figure moving through a mix-media landscape, hand crafted by Johan Ejerblom and Johan Weber, "Boxes" is the first episode of a series of short films to come. As an animated character, the artist Weaver can be seen playing his guitar and singing along.

Mirrored Mountains Title Sequence

Open Title Sequence

The Obstacle


Bob and the Magic Camera

This curious little guy is about to experience the highs and lows of natural photography in a flash.

Havaianas – Alpargatas

A series of 5 second 2D animations for Havaianas (Alpargatas) Animation: Paulo Passaro Direction: Gabriel Nóbrega Agency: AlmapBBDO Studio: Vetor Zero / Lobo

Coco de Elevador (Music Video) – Animamundi 2015 Official Selection

Direction: Paulo Passaro After Effects Compositing: Julio Cesar Saez and Paulo Passaro After Effects Animation: Paulo Passaro 2D Animation: Paulo Passaro Stop-Motion Animation: D. Lee Peffer and Paulo Passaro Stop-Motion Supervision: D. Lee Peffer Stop-Motion Photography: Andreia De Marchi 3D Background: Julio Cesar Saez 2D Background: Marco Pavão


Stop-Motion Animation: Paulo Passaro and Gabriel Nobrega Direction: PG Santiago and Gabriel Nobrega Studio: Animatorio and Vetor-Zero/Lobo Independent Project

Read Between The Lines

Cardboard invasion takes over Amsterdam

Adam by Evelyn Jane Ross

In the beginning of them She created us.

Mend and Make Do – A Life-Sized Animated Short Film by Bexie Bush

Equal parts documentary, animation and magic, "Mend and Make Do" features the original voice of Lyn Schofield of Southport, Merseyside, a woman with a lifetime of tales to tell.

Hi Stranger by Kirsten Lepore | Stop Motion

Relax and enjoy this briefly deep conversation. He misses you. Stop motion animated movie by Kristen Lepore

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