Stop motion

Guadeloupe Animation : demonliane episode 2

A guadeloupe man go inside the palace of demonliane. And he break her game call agony. She get so angry, she captur him and she torture him on the balls with a whip.

Guadeloupe Animation demonliane episose 1 the beginning

A young boy, call Antoine trying to edit hes comic book to the editors. But the editor don't want hes comic book. He use black magic to open a gate in hell to bring hell on earth.

Alien Hand




Test Video


It Socks

A short film about the disconforts of socks and what you can do about it.

Last Judgment

A man involved in a group violence


*SUBTITLES ARE MANDATORY* In 1977 Elisabeth "Liz" Gustavsson, eighteen years old from a little city in the province of Stockholm, disappeared in mysterious circumstances. Ten years later, Liz - now a woman - tells the story of her kidnapping and how she was never released.

Merry Christmas from OMI Media House

Funny short animation we've made for Xmas

Short film “Claustrum / the place for only one”

This short film is a starting point for «CLAUSTRUM" feature length film making project. The project is being prepared for a crowdfunding campaign.

Weaver – Boxes

A genderless humanlike figure moving through a mix-media landscape, hand crafted by Johan Ejerblom and Johan Weber, "Boxes" is the first episode of a series of short films to come. As an animated character, the artist Weaver can be seen playing his guitar and singing along.

Mirrored Mountains Title Sequence

Open Title Sequence

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