Air vif (Lively air)

Based on the poem of Paul Eluard "Air vif"

BEGINNINGS : a journey through space and time by Ester Rossi

The birth, life and death of a comet, and its journey through the cosmos.

INTRO SUPERSTAR – by Un Micro Fuerte Cartoons

A small star seeks to help others through heroic feats. His innocence and lack of experience make him his worst enemy.

Etnia Barcelona by Outro Studio | 2D

Outro Studio designed the company profile video for Etnia Barcelona eyewear brand.

Black Holes by Studio Noodles

A punk-rock-Pixar animated series about an insecure astronaut and an intelligent melon on their journey to Mars.

Echos by Naleb | 2D

A girl struggles with the attraction generated by portals to other worlds.

909 – Depart by Uber Eck

909 is a personal studio project that made over the last 5 months.

Bendito Machine V by Zossie Malis

5th installment of the machine's saga!

PilotPriest – The Last Goodbye

3D animation directed by the BRVTVS Collective


CG Animated short film directed by Beeple.

3/4 oz : Trois quarts d’once

(Press CC for the subtitles)

Infinite Horizon

Infinite Horizon is the attempt to visualise a single moment in time, the cognitive shift experienced by an astronaut.

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