A project that started around beers and ended up here. When electricity becomes a limited resource.

Antoine Debarge – Dolly.Zero by Ugo Bienvenu

Another fantastic videoclip directed by Ugo Bienvenu about a couple who decides to commit suicide.

BEGINNINGS : a journey through space and time by Ester Rossi

The birth, life and death of a comet, and its journey through the cosmos.

LOVESTREAMS by Sean Buckelew

An ode to a lost age of Internet love.

Sentinels of Stone

From first light to ruins of bone - Stand watch eternal - The Sentinels of Stone

Black Holes by Studio Noodles

A punk-rock-Pixar animated series about an insecure astronaut and an intelligent melon on their journey to Mars.

ARTIST-110 – 2D animation by Seoro Oh

An old labor robot stumble across a drawing tools.

The Fisherman by Luke Saunders

In a diverse eco-system of mollusc like creatures, a late devoted scientist of these life forms has passed his life’s work on to his daughter, along with his most prized discovery.

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