Oscar Nominated

A Single Life by Job, Joris & Marieke

In this Oscar-nominated short, a mysterious vinyl record suddenly allows Pia to travel through time.

La Luna by Pixar

La Luna is a 2011 Pixar computer-animated short film, directed and written by Enrico Casarosa.

Day & Night – Pixar

Day & Night is a Pixar 2010 animated short film, directed by Teddy Newton.

Oktapodi – Gobelins

3D animated love story about two octopus by the french students at Gobelins. The short film ended up being nominated for an Academy Award.

Madame Tutli-Putli | Stop Motion

Madame Tutli-Putli boards the Night Train, weighed down with all her earthly possessions and the ghosts of her past.

Lifted – Pixar

A teenage alien tries to abduct a sleeping human, but with so many switches to do so, it's nearly impossible.

The Cat Came Back – Cordell Barker

Hysterical animated film about Mr. Johnson who attempts to rid himself of a cat.

Mickey Mouse – Mickey’s Orphans

At Christmas time, Mickey Mouse, Minnie and Pluto have a visit from some little orphan cats.

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