In a Heartbeat by Beth David and Esteban Bravo

A closeted boy runs the risk of being outed by his own heart after it

Summer of Love by Marcie LaCerte

a short animation about a girl looking for love

Ménage à Tetris by Emile Rademeyer

Two Tetris blocks fall deeply in love... but find they don’t quite seem to fit.

Morning coffee by Gobelins

Short film directed for a project on the theme "Love", by five students of GOBELINS '"Master of Arts in Character animation and animated film"

La cartouche by Gobelins

Short film directed for a project on the theme "Love", by three students of GOBELINS "Character animation and animated film"

LOVESTREAMS by Sean Buckelew

An ode to a lost age of Internet love.

Hermetic Dating Rituals by Brent Sievers | 2D – Mature

Online dating is dangerous...

Mend and Make Do – A Life-Sized Animated Short Film by Bexie Bush

Equal parts documentary, animation and magic, "Mend and Make Do" features the original voice of Lyn Schofield of Southport, Merseyside, a woman with a lifetime of tales to tell.

Love Is Love – 2D animation by Heckler

Valentine's day needs a special animation to come along.

ATARAXYA – 3D Animation short by Rubika students – Mature

Alone in his psychological complexity, a young man tries to open himself to the unknown.

But she’s nice… by Tomek Pilarski Animation

In a world full of gray flows peacefully a monotonous life, light is gently drawing a story about unexpectedly sprouting feeling. However, sometimes the thought of being with someone can be dangerous if you are stuck too long in solitude.

BOLES – Stop motion animation by Spela Cadez

Filip dreams of writer’s glory and luxurious lifestyle but is constantly disturbed by his neighbour Tereza, an older prostitute.

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