Morning coffee by Gobelins

Short film directed for a project on the theme "Love", by five students of GOBELINS '"Master of Arts in Character animation and animated film"

La cartouche by Gobelins

Short film directed for a project on the theme "Love", by three students of GOBELINS "Character animation and animated film"

Tchin ! by Gobelins

Over the course of a day, people meet and chat in a coffee shop.

Au Moulin Rouge – Animation Short Film 2016 – GOBELINS

1950. Agathe is preparing to audition for the Moulin Rouge, with the stress she recalls her past to overcome his fears .

Ripaille – Animation Short Film 2016 – Gobelins

During a museum tour, Ségolène and Martine will discover that Middle Ages are way funnier than they expected...

Au Lapin Agile by Gobelins

1910, In Montmartre, a bar fight between artists seems to be creative.

Grounded by Lucas Durkheim

The story of a soldier who has to stand guard in his checkpoint. Short film done during the Gobelins/Calarts Exchange program

Nightmare in the Morning by Yonatan Tal

"Nightmare in the Morning" is a music video about the way Yonatan feels in the morning.

Shudo – Gobelins

Hayate and Iwa face one another on a battlefield.

Que dalle – Gobelins

Four children devise a plan to avenge Elliott on the lunch lady.

Ama – Gobelins – Annecy

Made in China – Gobelins

Figurines try to imitate the human everyday life but they are facing limititations due to their toy situation.

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