Star Crossed

Sentinels of Stone

From first light to ruins of bone - Stand watch eternal - The Sentinels of Stone

“Despair” / Eric Legnini ft Yael Naim // Official music video

2D animated music video directed by Laura Sicouri

Kaada/Patton – Red Rainbow – Mature

Based on acclaimed artist Dave Cooper's work, The Absence of Eddy Table follows bug-eyed, buck-toothed Eddy, as he's dropped into an exotic world glistening with phallic flowers and libidinous danger.

Dark Dark Woods – by The Animation Workshop

Young princess Maria has had about enough of her royal life – it’s all lesson, responsibilities and duties on top of each other, every hour of every day. Overwhelmed, Maria is swept away on an adventure into the monster-filled dark, dark woods.

Tales from Weirdland

Trailer for my YouTube channel, Tales from Weirdland.

Mesh by Gunner

A small moment in a big world.

Delta Heavy – White Flag by Najeeb Tarazi

Satan apologizes to God, only to be brutally punished by him. Pixel animation directed by Najeeb Tarazi

Porter des choses / Wearing things

Enjoy the show, and stay for the party!

Ganz Berlin – COPYCAT CLUB

A two minute journey in a distopic reality where Berlin is seen in the light of its constant changing.

Nightmare in the Morning by Yonatan Tal

"Nightmare in the Morning" is a music video about the way Yonatan feels in the morning.

FITC Toronto 2016 Titles by Giant Ant

FITC reached Giant Ant with the opportunity to make the titles for the Toronto 2016 edition with the theme LEVEL UP.

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