DANS LES BOIS – TRAILER by Karolina Chabier

“You know the story – a child with a basket meets a wolf in the forest. But this time it will not be the same. Inside the woods nothing is what it seems.” The film is in 2d computer animation with paper cut layout and is an adaptation of Little Red Hood. Karolina Chabier is a 24 years old animator from Poland who has been studying and living in France for 3 years. In 2017 she gra...[Read More]

Fox And The Whale by Robin Joseph

Wonderful work of art by Robin Joseph

Ménage à Tetris by Emile Rademeyer

Two Tetris blocks fall deeply in love... but find they don’t quite seem to fit.

2D Animated Short HD: “Johanne”

Inspired by Joan of Arc, 'Johanne' follows a day in a life of the eponymous heroine.

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