A pair of singletons cast an extensive matchmaking net that determines their chances of hooking that ultimate catch.

Handbook for a Happy Scout

Handbook for a Happy Scout is the story of young misfit Malcolm who wants to hang out with the cool kids. To earn his place in the gang, our scout goes in search of tasks to prove his worth, and gain the much-coveted scout badges. However, all his attempts end up in flames…

PLAY-OFF by MegaComputeur

Short film made in 4 weeks at Passion Animation Studio London, during a summer internship.

Ménage à Tetris by Emile Rademeyer

Two Tetris blocks fall deeply in love... but find they don’t quite seem to fit.

Bob and the Magic Camera

This curious little guy is about to experience the highs and lows of natural photography in a flash.

Bird of Prey by David de Rooij and Jelle Brunt

In a desolate desert, two desperados prepare for a duel in classic western style under the blazing sun. The stake is a bag with valuable contents. Eyes leer, foreheads are beaded with sweat. Who will be the fastest shooter?

Crushed In Space

An unrequited love melodrama in space.

The Chosen Generation by Ariel Victor

An invite to hop on a bus and skip town is broadcasted to a number of youngsters living in an abandoned city.

Afternoon Class by Seoro Oh | 2D

He's trying to stay awake in an afternoon classes.

Zombie Zealot

Would Jesus frown upon eating brains? One Zombie thinks so.

Push the Button – Cartoon Network ID by Mindbender

Work for Cartoon Network; The Duplicator Series. Animated in Maya, rendered with Maxwell Renderer using HDR's Rendernet.

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