A pair of singletons cast an extensive matchmaking net that determines their chances of hooking that ultimate catch.

Chainamation – round 14 blendamation

Each contributor was given 5 days to animate 1-2 seconds adding to what the previous animator had done.

Populous – Azulejos [OFFICIAL VIDEO] by Emanuele Kabu

“Azulejos" is a heartfelt tribute to Portugal. Emanuele Kabu's illustrations reveal a personal view of Lisbon, disclosing the more mysterious, psychedelic and seductive side of the city.

Pinky Toe by Mathieu Libman

Overwhelmed by a "phantom itch" from his missing pinky toe, a man must come to terms with his situation or succumb completely to his obsession.

Lyft “Origin Story” by Buck

Lyft is revolutionizing the way people travel, but it all started with two kids thinking about cars, roads, and... Betty White.

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