Amélia & Duarte by Alice G. e Mónica S.

What if it there was a place where we could revisit the memories of a relationship?

Life is life

Short animated film - Money is a catalyst which exposes both human vices and virtues, but it is the unselfish deeds a person does that make him truly rich.


Long extended version of all the IDs stitch together. Believe it or not, there is a loose narrative that connects them all together.

Adam by Evelyn Jane Ross

In the beginning of them She created us.

How to wait for a very long time

"How to wait for a very long time" is a shortfilm about a fisherman who is obsessed with catching a certain fish.




It’s about a Native American girl whose village is under attack. She runs to the temple of the god Quetzal to ask for help. But the god doesn’t respond…

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