Here’s the plan by Fernanda Frick

A married cat-dog couple of cupcake bakers dream of opening their own bakery.

Rabbit’s Blood by Sarina Nihei

Rabbit’s Blood is a story about a society of two rival groups; sinister cloaked men and neutralist rabbits who have human-looking bodies that live underground.

The Enlightenment of Cosmic Panda

Non-commercial project for Mr. Kat conference at Offf Barcelona, showing the Cosmic Panda's enlightenment with a good pinch of Le Cube unique vision.

The Blend Is Near by Oddfellows

Wine After Coffee asked Oddfellows to work on the titles this year with one added twist - include the names of all the attendees!

Please by Josh Swallow – Mature

A lion helps a little boy build a better boat and get back home.

Mobile by Verena Fels

A cow tips the balance of destiny.

Agoraphobia by victoria vincent | 2D

Another great animation by Southern California-based animator Victoria Vincent.

Whale Heart by The Animation Workshop | 3D

Silas lives in an isolated whaling town, toiling for months in the harsh and bloody trade on which he and his community depend. However, in order to be capable of killing the creatures whose bone and blubber pay his wage, he has developed an ungodly method for extracting his emotions. The time has now come for his only son to be initiated into the grim and dangerous whaling life, and Silas mus...[Read More]

NSFWhale – 2D animation by Studio Horse – Mature

A whaling run takes a turn for the worse when a fearless captain and her small crew of whale-hunters encounter a far more ancient and horrible evil.


Directed by Axel Digoix, produced by Pilule et Pigeon. Ténéré is a Tamashek word meaning empty land or desert

Scavengers by Joseph Bennett and Charles Huettner

A surreal and immersive adventure between 2 explorers on a planet and it's creatures.

Casse-croûte by Burcu & Geoffrey

A little journey through a forest full of creatures looking for a snack.

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