A short story about human loneliness, friendship and true values of our short life.

Trespassers, Beyond the Veil (Pernille KJÆR, 2018)

In an alternate reality, a two dimensional character explores a three dimensional landscape and discovers something unsettling behind a curtain.


The director of this film has worked in the animation industry for over 7 years. Some notable projects he has contributed to: Frozen, Sausage Party, Angry Birds Movie, Storks, Smurfs: The Lost Village, and the upcoming Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. FAREWELL FIRE has screened in film festivals all over the world and has earned several awards and distinctions including: CTV Best in Shorts - Fir...[Read More]

No Sleep – Short Animated Film

Henry has trouble falling asleep.


A limbless female figure (MANUELA) meets the spectre of her subconscious in the form of a looming shadow. The shadow is made in the image of the very quality she lacks and needs- a pair of human hands. When the shadow offers Manuela a gift in the form of a bouquet of flowers, symbolising beauty, she rejects them. Unable to receive them she turns away. The shadow tries again to proffer a gift, this...[Read More]

pixelatl wall

Cineminuto creado por Render Farm Studios para Pixelatl 2017.

Time isn’t to late for love

A couple has been proofed by the everyday life.

Pegasino At The Common

"It's a lovely morning in Wandsworth common.."

Sentinels of Stone

From first light to ruins of bone - Stand watch eternal - The Sentinels of Stone

The Popular Ecology

2d sketch and 3d comuter worlds: What happens at their intersection?

Walk The Way

Videoclip for Lost American's song Walk the Way


It’s about a Native American girl whose village is under attack. She runs to the temple of the god Quetzal to ask for help. But the god doesn’t respond…

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