Air vif (Lively air)

Based on the poem of Paul Eluard "Air vif"


Created this entire film solo from the ground up; from character designs, to storyboards, to backgrounds, to animation & color, to sound design, and finally compositing.

Amoeba (Pernille KJÆR, 2018)

A journey into an ancient ocean where primitive lifeforms stir in the dark. A slow evolution from the very primitive single line to the more complex designs that swim and writhe to the rolling sounds of the deep.

On Small Things (Pernille KJÆR, 2018)

An exercise in distilling shape, color and form to its essence. A close up view of the seemingly small things that form the foundations of all things.

Totem life | Baby Steps

Basic forms throughout life. Meet the baby, the first one of this collection. Found the rest of the gang at rirschach.com

Hope For Tomorrow

Story about the feeling of losing ourselves slowly until the darkness is the only thing we are able to see.

The Problem with Link Think

2018 Music video for BUNNIES, for their song, The Problem with Link Think, off their album, Transportation to Mind Transformation. Twins Reona and Oscar bide their time at their favorite snack shop waiting for more takoyaki and are lured to an alternate dimension. Will they be back in time for their takoyaki???

Valley of White Birds

A gorgeous looking film selected into Annecy 2017 and that won the Junior Jury Award for a Short Film.


Juliette is a shy girl terrified to catch a ride with two horny bitches that arn't paying any attention to the road...

Little Bandits by Alex Avagimian

A kid is convinced that shooting a bird will turn him into a "Man". Loosely based on a true personal story.

The Pill

"The Pill" is an Argentine animation, made in 2d, by the Image and Sound Designer, Gastón Herrera. Apolo, a super cop from the city of Buenos Aires, dies mysteriously near a car boning machine. Ranchito finds the lifeless body of Apollo, and together with him: the pill the secret of the super powers.


With this short animation I'm celebrating the coming spring that is always the beggining of new life.

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