Privatizing Space – VICE News

The story of how NASA has been ceding space exploration to for-profit companies like Space X.


A pair of singletons cast an extensive matchmaking net that determines their chances of hooking that ultimate catch.

Handbook for a Happy Scout

Handbook for a Happy Scout is the story of young misfit Malcolm who wants to hang out with the cool kids. To earn his place in the gang, our scout goes in search of tasks to prove his worth, and gain the much-coveted scout badges. However, all his attempts end up in flames…

tio “SUN” official music video

tio's "SUN" from their new 10th anniversary album "Tiny Island Orchestra".


a weird beird looking for something

Superbia *MATURE

Two and a half years after the premiere of Cannes, Superbia finally became available online.


The short story about the dogs which play the ball. APORT!

Snow White Cologne

Snow White Cologne is based on a true story about my sister who, as a teenager, had a drug abuse problem.


A short film made for Adult Swim's "Off The Air" about a Trolual, one of the recurring sea monster motifs found on medieval maps


Interpretation of love with the concept of neon.


Round and round go the circles of life.

Mr Bobblehead

Zipper guards ancient pillars. Bobblehead climbs the pillar with a grappling hook, Zipper zaps him off . At the foot of the pillar Bob puts his head back on and runs to his car. He picks up the grappling hook and throws it into the car’s boot . Bob drives into the sunset while Zipper circles the pillar. Sparky can also be seen, who has been filming the whole thing for Bob’s You Tube channel.

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