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Work for Cartoon Network; The Duplicator Series. Animated in Maya, rendered with Maxwell Renderer using HDR's Rendernet.

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Credits vary from film to film, but over-all they are:
Olov Burman – Director, Animation
Michael Bengtsson – Lighting, Rendering
Marcus Ottosson – Animation, Modeling
Calle Halldin – Animation, Rigging
Tony Österlund – Rigging
Ola Larsson – Props
Rickard Germundsson – Intern

Music and Sound Design by Robert Lundgren (analogdigitalunion.com)

Mindbender is a studio that focus on creating unique characters, commercials and game trailers. They are an Animation Studio located in Sweden.
They like to build stories full of emotion and explosive animation and are recognized for their quality and humor!

Go follow their works!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mindbender-Animation-Studio-114364701990593/

Website: meindbender.com




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