Pinky Toe by Mathieu Libman

2D Student
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Overwhelmed by a "phantom itch" from his missing pinky toe, a man must come to terms with his situation or succumb completely to his obsession.

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“Pinky Toe” is the second year student film made by Mathieu Libman at CalArts. The short mixes drawn and stop-motion animation — often within the same scene! Shot in 4K and a wide 2.35:1 aspect ratio, this story travels through different styles, techniques, and locations following a man with a life upset by a “phantom itch.”

Mathieu is finishing up his second year in CalArts Experimental Animation program, and he has a love for magic, insightful storytelling with modern, exciting design.

You can see more of his art on Instagram: or tumblr:

Full film credits:

Music Composed by Paul Michael Cardon
Narration by Nick D’Agostino
Sound Design by Paul Michael Cardon
Set Fabrication by Ming-Huei Huang
Props by Emily Martinez and Kesiah Manival
2D Coloring Help by Bryan Lee




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