From the Animated Short Films World

To Build a Fire – Trailer

To celebrate Jack London’s 100th death anniversary, director Fx Goby adapted his famous novel,...[Read More]

“The Empty” trailer

In the woman’s room, memories constantly accumulate and disappear like dust. The man spends his time...[Read More]

Superbia trailer

Superbia it’s a 15 min long 2d animation about the native people of the surrealistic land of S...[Read More]

“Los gatos” Trailer

An alley cat meets an old man that will change his life forever. All secrets hide behind every door ...[Read More]

Onoda Teaser – by Celine Desrumaux

Some time ago, Celine developed a short movie based on the true story of Hiro Onoda, a Japanese sold...[Read More]

Privisa Trailer

“Privisa” – an animated family feature. The movie is set in the era of the first slavic tribes...[Read More]

Fauve – Teaser

Fauve it’s a short film project of about 7/8 minutes long. Punctuated by their animal instinct...[Read More]

Science & Nature – Teaser Trailer

A part of the “SCIENCE & NATURE” Exhibition coming to Gallery 1988 December 4th. A c...[Read More]

In The Distance – Trailer

Trailer for the shortfilm ‘In The Distance’ with direction, Art and Script by Florian Gr...[Read More]

Anomalisa – First Trailer – Kaufman

Anomalisa trailer has been released! A beautifully tender and absurdly humorous dreamscape, from the...[Read More]

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