A limbless female figure (MANUELA) meets the spectre of her subconscious in the form of a looming shadow. The shadow is made in the image of the very quality she lacks and needs- a pair of human hands. When the shadow offers Manuela a gift in the form of a bouquet of flowers, symbolising beauty, she rejects them. Unable to receive them she turns away. The shadow tries again to proffer a gift, this time in the form of a butterfly- a creature symbolising freedom, with the promise of transformation. Once more Manuela turns away and begins to retreat. Frustrated and angry the shadow watches her leave. Realising he has only once last chance to reach the girl he produces the very gift which is the key to their integration:- A pair of hands with which she can grasp the elusive qualities she so much desires. This time Manuela does not turn away but leans eagerly towards the shadow. The shadow envelopes the girl, twisting around her in a unifying embrace. At one with her subconscious desires she leaves hand in hand with her shadow.

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