In a timely story about love triumphing over fear, we created a short festive animation that would rival any Christmas advert in the cuteness stakes!

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    Lynx & Birds by Blue Zoo

    Now in its 6th year, Blue Zoo company-wide shorts programme encourages experimentation in the studio and a culture of creative collaboration. Everyone in the studio has the opportunity to pitch their idea, and everyone votes for their favourite, making it unique and democratic. This year Simone Giampaolo & Francesco Mazza won the vote and steered the studio together to make this short.

    Production Company: Blue Zoo Animation Studio

    Directed by: Francesco Mazza & Simone Giampaolo
    Art Direction & Design: Francesco Mazza
    Animation Direction: Simone Giampaolo
    Music: Brollyman
    Narration: Darren Altman

    Lead Modeller: Pietro Licini
    CG Supervisor: Gherardo Zurla
    Modelling & Texturing: Pietro Licini, Mélanie Gras, Hannah Wong
    Head of Look Dev: Negar Bagheri
    Grooming & Look Dev: Arthur Tibbett, Hannah Wong
    Rigging, simulation and FX: Anthony Delliste
    Lead Animator: Simone Giampaolo
    Animators: Jim Sweeting, Owen Fern, Zoé Risser
    Lighting TDs: Hannah Wong, Gherardo Zurla, Steven White
    Compositing: Hannah Wong, Elaine Thomas, Negar Bagheri, Gherardo Zurla
    Additional Art: Izzy Burton
    Pipeline Team: Jay Tsang, Phil Stewart

    Producer: Tom Box
    Production Managers: Lizzie Hicks, Negar Bagheri
    Voice Effects: Alec Smith
    Sound Design & Mix: John Sutherland
    VO Sound Engineer: Dom Boucher @ The Sound Company

    To help protect endangered big cats, please make sure to support:

    Felidae Conservation Fun (
    Big Cat Rescue (

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