Based on acclaimed artist Dave Cooper's work, The Absence of Eddy Table follows bug-eyed, buck-toothed Eddy, as he's dropped into an exotic world glistening with phallic flowers and libidinous danger.

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    Kaada/Patton – Red Rainbow – Mature

    ‘Red Rainbow’ is the first track from John Kaada and Mike Patton’s most recent collaborative Kaada/Patton LP, Bacteria Cult, (Ipecac Recordings). The video is based on the short film, “The Absence Of Eddy”, directed by Rune Spaans, and based on the art of Dave Cooper. Much like the music, the video is steeped in mystery and a sense of adventure, capturing a curious place where dreams and nightmares collide.

    Directed by Rune Spaans
    Edited by Lars Einar Skageberg
    Written and Art Directed by Dave Cooper
    Music by Kaada/Patton

    Produced by Eric Vogel/Tordenfilm
    Co-Produced by Anne Bergseng/Tordenfilm

    3D Supervisor: Johan Leuf
    Lead Animator: Dani Sappa
    Animators: Oddne Madsen and Thea Matland
    3D Modeling Lead: Christer Sveen
    Modeling: Daniel Røsnes, Einar Martinsen and Morten Mandth Nielsen
    Technical Animation: Eigil Jarl Halse
    Cinematography and Lighting: Rune Spaans and Johan Leuf

    Post Production Facilities: Storyline Studios
    VFX Producer: Torgeir Busch
    VFX Supervisor: Ivar Rystad
    Compositing: Steven Higton
    VFX Artist: Kai Bortne
    Color grading and online: Kjetil Haugen
    Conform: Joachim M. Nielsen
    Mastering: Espen Skjørdal
    Post Producer: Jenny Schjerven Mollerin

    With the support of: Chaos Software LTD, iTooSoft and Exlevel.

    Financed by the Norwegian Film Institute

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