From Pong till Doom. Illustrator draws history of (classic) games in an animated music video.

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    From Pong to Doom – an animated ode to classic videogames

    The Mad Bitter is an 8-bit artist from Hamburg who makes his music exclusively with the Nintendo Gameboy. As an ode to classic video games, the illustrator ‘MonstaH’ has made a music video for the song “retro gaming”. The video contains the most important classic games in history. 48 classic games have been turned into animated GIFs and edited in a music video of three and a half minutes.

    With his work, the artist wants to bring back reminescents of childhood and puts them in a different perspective because of the 2D/hand-drawn execution. In an age where there are 3D games, smartphones and virtual reality, classic games are more authentic even though in the past they stood for new technology. By drawing the games by hand, the viewer is confronted with the fact that the character of memories changes over time.

    The logo of 8 Pauli, which appears in the video, stands for a group of 8-Bit music artists/8-Bit parties. It is named after St. Pauli, the anarchistic neighborhood of Hamburg.

    The separate animated GIFs are also available here on Giphy:

    And you can listen to the 8-bit album of The Mad Bitter here:

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