* MY USEFUL STUFF * – 2D, 3D, stopmotion, etc

* MY USEFUL STUFF * – 2D, 3D, stopmotion, etc

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    Share here the name of the software, books, plugins, programs, and so on, and so on, that you find useful and that may help other ASF friends.
    They will be added to the list so we can have the best useful spot to everyone that is working on animation!

    From the basics to the more advanced things here they are!

    – 2D –

    Best Programs to create 2D animation:

    – TV Paint
    – Flash
    – Toonboom
    – Photoshop

    —   3D   —

    Best Programs to create 3D/ CGI animation:

    – Maya
    – 3Ds max
    – Blender
    – C4D
    – Mudbox
    – Zbrush


    Best Programs to create stopmotion animation:

    – DragonFrame
    – Stop Motion Pro
    – CellSoft Take5
    – MonkeyJam
    – iStopMotion

    — BOOKS —

    – The Animator’s Survival Kit

    This list is always updaded with your info and what we thing are the best.

    Share your experience!

    What are for you the best ones?

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