A wild boy is found in the woods by a solitary hunter and brought back to civilization. Alienated by a strange new environment, the boy tries to adapt by using the same strategies that kept him safe in the forest.

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    Feral by Daniel Sousa

    Daniel Sousa is an Oscar nominated animator based in Providence, RI. He has worked as a director and animator for numerous clients since 1995, and he taught animation at RISD, The Art Institute of Boston, The Museum School, Harvard University, Wheaton College, and more recently at the Animation Workshop in Denmark.
    In his personal work, Daniel explores mythical and archetypal themes through non-conventional narratives. His films have been screened around the world in festivals such as Sundance, Ottawa, Annecy, and Hiroshima. His 2012 film Feral earned him an Academy Awards nomination for Best Animated Short in 2013.


    Hiroshima International Animation Festival, Japan, August 21-25
    Animafest Zagreb, Croatia, June 3-8
    Oscar Nominated Shorts tour, various cities, starting January 31
    Ashland Independent Film Festival, USA, April 3-7
    Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, France, Jan 31-Feb 8
    Festibérico , the Netherlands, March 20-30
    NYICFF, USA, March 7-30
    Flickerfest, Australia, January 10-19


    Animateka, Slovenia, December 2-8
    Sichuan TV Festival, China, November 16-18, Gold Panda award for Best Overseas Animated Short Film
    Animpact, Korea, November 20-26
    24fps International Short Film Festival, November 1-2, USA, Special Jury Citation
    Animax Skopje festival. Macedonia, November 7-9, Golden Brick Award
    Hollywood Film Festival, USA, October 17-21
    Bradford Animation Festival, UK, November 12-16, Special Mention
    Adelaide Film Festival, Australia, Oct 10-20
    Animanima, Serbia, Sept 5-8: Jury’s special distinction for Best Direction
    Animatou, Switzerland, October 5-13
    CICDAF 2013, China, September 29-October 5, Grand Prix for Best Foreign Short Film
    Animasyros, September 26-29, Greece
    London International Animation Festival, UK, Oct 25-Nov 3, Audience Vote
    Woodstock Film Festival, USA, October 2-6: Maverick Award for Best Animation
    Fantoche, Switzerland, Sept 3-8
    Varna World Festival of Animated Film, Bulgaria, Sept 11-15
    DragonCon, USA: Aug30 – Sept 2
    Gran Paradiso, Italy, Aug 26-31: Best Short Film
    Anima Mundi, Brazil: Aug 2-18: Best Film Award
    Toronto Animation Arts Festival, July 26-28: Best International Short
    Animation Block Party, USA, July 26
    KROK Animation Festival, September 1-10: Grand Prize
    Animator Animation Festival, Poland: July 13-19
    British Animation Film Festival, UK: June 23
    Melbourne International Animation Festival, Australia: June 20-30
    Southside Film Festival, USA: June 12-15
    Fest Anča, Slovak Republic: June 27-30
    RabbitFest, Italy: June 14-15
    Northwest Animation Festival, USA: May 17-19
    Busan International Short Film Festival, Korea, May2-6: Best Animation Award
    Arizona International Film Festival, USA: April 12-28: Best Animated Short
    Annecy International Animation Festival, France: June 10-15: Junior Jury Award, Fipresci Special Distinction, Festivals Connexion Award
    Animayo, Spain: May 7-11: Grand Prize
    Anifilm, Czech Republic, May 3-8
    Cortoons Festival, Italy, April 17-21
    Animatricks Festival, Finland, April 19-21
    Newport Beach Film Festival, USA, April 25-May 2
    Trickfilm Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart, Germany: April 23-28
    Independent Film Festival Boston, USA: April 24-20
    Nashville Film Festival, USA: April 18-25
    Sarasota Film Festival, USA: April 5-14
    Pictoplama Berlin, Germany: April 10-14
    Athens Animfest, Greece: March 7-13:
    Anima International Animation Festival, Belgium: Feb 8-17: Grand Prize
    Corfu Animation Festival, Greece: April 4-7: Grand Prize
    Black Maria Film Festival, USA: Feb 1- March
    Big Muddy Film Festival, USA: Feb 20-24: Best Animation
    International Environmental Film Festival, France: Feb 19-26
    Animac International Animation Festival, Catalonia: Feb 28- March 3
    Festival Mauvais Genre, France: March 27- April 1
    Cine en los Barrios del Cartagena Film Festival, Colombia: Feb 21-27
    Roanne animation film festival, France: March 19-24
    Sundance Film Festival, USA: January 19-27


    Animated Dreams (Black Nights), Estonia: November 14-18: Best Story award
    Anilogue International Animation Festival, Hungary: November 16-25
    Etiuda&Anima International Animation Festival, Poland: November 26-29
    Sommets du Cinéma d’Animation, Canada: November 28-December 2
    Expotoons, Argentina: October 23, 24, 25
    Montserrat College of Art, USA: Oct. 9
    Giraf Animation Festival, Canada: Oct 31-Nov 4: Innovation in Animation Award
    Cinanima International Animation Festival, Portugal: Nov 8-14: RTP2 Prize
    Cutout International Animation Festival,Mexico, Nov 1, 2, 3
    Animage International Animation Festival,Brazil, Sept 26-30
    KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival, The Netherlands, November 7-11
    Anim’est International Animation Film Festival, Romania, October 5-14
    Ottawa International Animation Festival, Canada: September 19-23
    Animated Encounters, UK: September 19-23
    The International Fest of Contemporary animation & media-art LINOLEUM, Russia: July 10 to September 9

    2012, 13 minutes, HD
    Directed and animated by Daniel Sousa danielsousa.com
    Sound Design by Dan Golden dangorange.com
    A project of Creative Capital creative-capital.org/

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