“Despair” / Eric Legnini ft Yael Naim // Official music video

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2D animated music video directed by Laura Sicouri

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The music video was made in a month and a half in Paris, really short on time. Laura role was to find the good balance between the artistic direction she wanted. The character design, animation & the collaboration turned to work perfectly between the three parts.

Laura Sicouri is a french art & film director from Paris, specialized in moving images and animation. Over the past few years she has directed and produced several featured shorts, titles and music videos.
After a few years in the animation industry, Laura started to be interested in live-action and quickly started to shoot her own music videos and ads.
Sometimes, she collaborates with Kadavre Exquis, also known as Laurent & Francoise.

Full credits:

Direction & Compositing by Laura Sicouri / laurasicouri.com

Character Design by Jonathan Djob Nkondo
Animation by Studio Pilule & Pigeon

Music by Eric Legnini & Yael Naim

Anteprima Productions: Reno Di Matteo & Matt Darti
Jungler Productions: Alexandra Chavane & Sébastien Pribile
Hrcls Production: Élodie Poupeau

Made in Paris, with love




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