A short film about grief and loss.

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2D Independent


    COCOON by DanStevers.com

    Words – Sh’maya
    Design/Animation – Tyler Morgan, Sarah Beth Hulver
    Music – Ryan Taubert
    Sound Design – Defacto Sound
    Producer – Dan Stevers

    Behind the Scenes: sarahbethhulver.com/cocoon


    What is this? I don’t recognise this
    Pain broke in
    And took it all
    Took the song from the Springtime
    And the dance from the flame
    Took the noonday warmth
    And the morning hush

    Now the ground’s spilling beneath me
    The ropes are uncoiling
    The trees are leafless
    The sky is torn
    My breath’s a broken feather
    There’s no beauty left
    There’s nothing here for me I’m paper thin
    I’m in a room of shadows and it’s caving in
    I’m turning in circles
    I’m giving up
    The world is giddy
    The sense is gone
    The floor is an ocean
    I’m sinking in

    Where are You now?
    Where is Your touch?
    Where is the reason?
    The answer?
    The end?
    Now I’m chasing Your shadow
    And I’m grasping for questions
    I’m calling out
    I’m asking why?

    Yet when I turn You turn
    When I reach You reach
    And in the searing burn
    You wait for me
    Dress my tears in kisses
    Cradle my grief
    Touch me in the silence
    Hold me in the heat
    And when the ragings rush
    Drown me in defeat
    I make my bed of dust
    And you lie with me

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