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Animated Short Films - 2D animations, 3D or stop motion. New and good animation short movies and cartoons


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Breakup by Shahaf Ram

The personal and yet universal experience of breakup.

Strawberry Eaters – TRAILER

A fantasy film about two strawberry farmers whose field is destroyed by ravenous snails. The couple tries to start a new life in the city but when the woman announces they’re expecting a child, the paranoid man suspects that snails are behind that as well. Script Author: Mattias Mälk Director: Mattias Mälk Art Design: Martinus Daane Klemet Composer: Liina Sumera Compositor: Mattias Mälk Anim...[Read More]


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CBS: Holiday Greetings by BRIKK

Brikk got the pleasure of creating this years holiday vignettes for CBS broadcast television network. Together with the team they created 8 short retro inspired heart-felt films about amity. Happy holidays!

Build Connections by Pedro Allevato & Miguel Rato

Build Connections is an activity that helps students understand how their existing interests relate to the content they learn in school. In other words, Build Connections taps into students’ intrinsic curiosity. What’s more, it encourages that curiosity to flourish in class.


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Missing by Chloe Jackson

A short and strange tale, made even stranger by the talented sound engineer Bill Francis. The idea for it came about after a rather brief and spontaneous chat about milk cartons.


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Lynx & Birds by Blue Zoo

In a timely story about love triumphing over fear, we created a short festive animation that would rival any Christmas advert in the cuteness stakes!


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Unexpected Discoveries by Fern

A young fellow finds himself stumbling upon an ordinary flashlight that allows him to explore other places. Unexpected Discoveries reminds us to always be present. You never know what is around the corner or what is directly in front of you.


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Ticking Away by Michael Sewnarain

A solitary watchmaker seeks consolation and meaning in his daily routine. Then, one evening, he is offered a very eccentric watch to repair.


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7th Aeon by Mads Broni

"Racing to the red light, only to find themselves wanting to go further. They have ripped the natural world apart and surrendered their freedom to a joyless gratification."


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To Build a Fire by Fx Goby

In the harshness of midwinter, a trapper is crossing the Yukon with his dog. Struggling to survive, he attempts to build a simple fire.


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STRIKE-Simply Amazing by MixCode

An action-packed short film about baseball


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Turbo Express by Device

In a near future, where time is the most precious thing, a company called Turbo Express takes it very seriously.

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