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Recognizing the best animation directors

ASF Public Choice
ASF Public Choice 2016
Public contest where every person can vote for their favourites.
Only suitable for voting the shorts that were released online in 2016 and that were selected by ASF.
The competition ends the end of the year.
ASF Jury Award
ASF Best Short
At the end of each year, ASF will atribute a deserved recognition for what we considered the best animated short that was released online.
ASF has been receiving messages on Facebook from many companies asking to recommend film-makers and to put in contact with them.
The Winner will have the opportunity to be featured at the main page of our website, staying forever at the Awards section and have a special distinction at our Facebook page exposed to thousands of followers worldwide.
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tio “SUN” official music video

tio's "SUN" from their new 10th anniversary album "Tiny Island Orchestra".

Superbia *MATURE

Two and a half years after the premiere of Cannes, Superbia finally became available online.


The short story about the dogs which play the ball. APORT!

Snow White Cologne

Snow White Cologne is based on a true story about my sister who, as a teenager, had a drug abuse problem.


A short film made for Adult Swim's "Off The Air" about a Trolual, one of the recurring sea monster motifs found on medieval maps


Interpretation of love with the concept of neon.


Round and round go the circles of life.

The Designers

One city dwelling giant greedily fights with its mountain dwelling counterpart over space, aesthetics, and limbs.


A young couple’s dreamy night is interrupted by a mysterious falling object from the sky. Their relationship is threatened as the line between reality and f...[Read More]

Air vif (Lively air)

Based on the poem of Paul Eluard "Air vif"

Finger Machines

From Morgan (Director) “This film started as a couple of explorative clips for Instagram, but for some reason I couldn’t stop making them and I demanded ...[Read More]

Bloop’s Birthday

It's Bloop's BIRTHDAY!!! Everyone's having a PARTY! What could go wrong? Lots, I'm afraid to say!

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