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Recognizing the best animation directors

ASF Public Choice
ASF Public Choice 2016
Public contest where every person can vote for their favourites.
Only suitable for voting the shorts that were released online in 2016 and that were selected by ASF.
The competition ends the end of the year.
ASF Jury Award
ASF Best Short
At the end of each year, ASF will atribute a deserved recognition for what we considered the best animated short that was released online.
ASF has been receiving messages on Facebook from many companies asking to recommend film-makers and to put in contact with them.
The Winner will have the opportunity to be featured at the main page of our website, staying forever at the Awards section and have a special distinction at our Facebook page exposed to thousands of followers worldwide.
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Reforest Portugal by One Eyed Robot

In 2017 Portugal suffered its worst wildfires in history, costing many lives and burning 10’s of 1000’s of hectares.

Dahlia by Ana Mouyis

Through a metaphorical narrative about love, Dahlia explores a relationship between two people which is burdened by mental illness.

AMARILLO by Ana Pérez López

This fruit has been part of our cultural history for centuries and is now threatened by extinction through monocropping and a looming epidemic.

Three Fitted Flies by Sois de Traca

Scorching summer in the village. Prying neighbours, mourning rituals, tediousness and undertones of guilt make a perfect soil for madness. The old woman will ...[Read More]

kittykat96 by Victoria Vincent

A short about the line between the virtual world, the real and the strugle to separate both from one another

Fox And The Whale by Robin Joseph

Wonderful work of art by Robin Joseph

Be free by nöbl

In partnership with Psyop, nöbl created this quirky and humourous video clip. As a celebration of sexual freedom, it is thanks to the expertise of a talented ...[Read More]

Cargo Cult by Bastien Dubois

The new film from the filmmaker of Madagascar, carnet de voyage!

Rabbit’s Blood by Sarina Nihei

Rabbit’s Blood is a story about a society of two rival groups; sinister cloaked men and neutralist rabbits who have human-looking bodies that live underground...[Read More]

ADAA It’s Not Dead by Combustion

Founded in 1979, The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) is an international nonprofit organization and a leader in education, training, and ...[Read More]

Quand J’ai remplace Camille by Gobelins

Laure must replace a deceased swimmer in the relay swim team. The qualifiers are near and the team worries about their chances at winning; the grief and stres...[Read More]

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