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Wool. Merino Wool. Soft, cuddly, odour-resistant, warm, light, moisture-managing wool.

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Directed by Buck
Creative Director – Gareth O’Brien
Executive Producer – Erica Ford
Art Director – Lucas Brooking
Head of CG – Doug Wilkinson
CG Supervisor – Wayne Osborne
Art Direction: Lucas Brooking, Josh Edwards
Design – Lucas Brooking, Josh Edwards, Mathijs Luijten, Colin Bigelow, Elijah Akouri, Gareth O’Brien, Matisse Gonzalez
Storyboards – Matisse Gonzalez
Matte Painting – Colin Bigelow, Lucas Brooking, Elijah Akouri
Look Development – Wayne Osborne, Elijah Akouri, Josh Edwards, Serge Asthaov, Lawrence Wong, Matisse Gonzalez
Modelling – Elijah Akouri, Tristan Lock, Dominic Lau, Damien Lam
Rigging – Eyad Hussein, Ernesto Velasco
Animation Lead – Ben Hubbard
3D Animation – Ben Hubbard, Michael Chen, Lawrence Wong
Cel Animation – Mathijs Luijten, Matisse Gonzalez, Josh Edwards
2D and Effects Animation – Mathijs Luijten, Josh Edwards, Gareth O’Brien
Lighting Lead – Michael Lampe
Lighting – Wayne Osborne, Elijah Akouri, Lars Magnus Holmgren
Compositing – Navid Bagherzadeh, Fiona Lu, Michael Lampe
Music and Sound Design: Antfood




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