Family, love, violence, death. The ludicrousness of a western upbringing in a nutshell.

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    A Man Called Man

    This is my classical graduation film from Vancouver Film School’s Classical Animation program, based on Rafael Sperling’s original text from the book “Festa na Usina Nuclear” (“Party at the Nuclear Power Plant”). All the drawings were done on animation paper with a 2B pencil (or many 2B pencils, to be more precise), and the textures were done using my own blood.

    – 2015 Birdies Film Festival: “Best Animation” Award (London, England)

    Official selections:
    – 2017 Ennesimo Film Festival (Fiorano Modenese, Italy)
    – 2017 Student Cuts (Maribor, Slovenia)
    – 2017 Animacam Festival (A Coruña, Spain)
    – 2016 Sommets du cinéma d’animation (Montréal, Canada)
    – 2016 International Festival of Puppet Theatre and Animated Films for Adults (Warsaw, Poland)
    – 2016 World Festival of Animated Film (Varna, Bulgaria)
    – 2016 IndieWise Virtual Festival (Online Festival)
    – 2016 Indiana Short Film Festival (Danville, USA)
    – 2016 Anima Mundi (Rio de Janeiro & São Paulo, Brazil)
    – 2016 Bucheon International Animation Festival (Bucheon, South Korea)
    – 2016 KROK International Animated Films Festival (Moscow, Russia)
    – 2016 Festival Equinoxio (Bogotá, Colombia)
    – 2016 Festival International du Film d’Animation d’Annecy (Annecy, France)
    – 2016 Imaginaria Film Festival (Conversano, Italy)
    – 2016 Ceiling-2016 Animation Festival (Moscow, Russia)
    – 2016 Minikino Film Week: Short List (Bali, Indonesia)
    – 2016 RabbitFest (Perugia, Italy)
    – 2016 Animex Awards (Middlesbrough, England)
    – 2016 MONSTRA Lisbon Animated Film Festival (Lisbon, Portugal)
    – 2016 BFI Future Film Festival (London, England)
    – 2015 Festival de Cortos de Las Ranetas (Alcañiz, Spain)
    – 2015 The Vision Feast (Online Festival)
    – 2015 Anim!Arte International Student Animation Festival of Brazil (Rio de Janeiro/Curitiba, Brazil)
    – 2015 Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne (Melbourne, Australia)
    – 2015 Blackbird Film Fest (Cortland, USA)
    – 2015 CutOut Fest (Querétaro, Mexico)
    – 2015 Filmski Front Festival (Novi Sad, Serbia)
    – 2015 Anibar Animation Festival (Peja, Kosovo)
    – 2015 Festival Internacional de Cine Fantástico de Torremolinos (Torremolinos, Spain)
    – 2015 Up-and Coming International Film Festival Hannover (Hannover, Germany)
    – 2015 Kinofest International Digital Film Festival (Bucharest, Romania)
    – 2015 Multivision International Festival of Animation Arts (St. Petersburg, Russia)
    – 2015 AnimaSyros International Animation Festival (Syros, Greece)
    – 2015 IN.S.A.N.E. Animation Film Festival (Malmö, Sweden)
    – 2015 Sax International Film Festival (Sax, Spain)
    – 2015 International Film Festival of Patmos (Patmos, Greece)

    Credits to Kim M. Hastings for the English translation and to Émilie Audigier for the French subtitles.


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