Nat Geo WILD / Hershey Kisses “Mother’s Day” Vignette

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Sweet animation about mother's day by the agency Rogers.

Release Date:Genre:Rating:Directed by:, Technique:Publisher:

SVP/ Global Creative Director: Andy Baker
Creative Director Ad Sales: Melissa Marks
Creative Director of Design: Brian Everett
Writer/Producer: Leif Skillrud
Dir, Integrated Sales & Mktg: Jaime Watchtel
Audio: Grahame Davies

Agency: Roger

Production Company / Design studio: ROGER
Creative Director: Dane Macbeth
Executive Creative Director: Terry Lee
Executive Producer: Josh Libitsky
Head of Production: Alex More
Producer: Brianna Conrad
Designers: Yuki Yamada,
2D Animators: Jake Portman
Cel Animators: Lyuben Dimitrov, Jason Carpenter
Bus. Development: Drew Neujahr




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