Looking For Something – Teaser

One man's search for answers within his own consciousness. ASF - Animated Short Films.net - 2D, 3D and stopmotion animation short films.

One man’s search for answers within his own consciousness.

Short film directed by Cesar Pelizer and Produced by weareseventeen
Music by Juan Jacinto

César Pelizer, or just ces, is a Animation Director and Illustrator based in London, UK

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/cesarpelizer
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cesarpelizer/
Website: http://www.cesarpelizer.co.uk/
Email: hello@cesarpelizer.co.uk

His work has previously screened at the following festivals:

Seeyousound /2018 – Torino, Italy
Clermont Film Fest /2017 – clermont-ferrand, france
London Short Film Festival /2016 – London, UK
Go Short International Short Film Festival /2016 – Nijmegen, Netherlands
Little Big Shots International Film Festival /2016 – Melbourne, Australia
Tromsø International Film Festival /2016 – Tromsø, Norway
Onedotzero + Now Gallery /2015 – London, UK
Perth International Arts Festival /2015 – Perth, Australia
Cinekid Festival /2015 – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Encounters Festival /2015 – Bristol, UK
Pictoplasma /2015 – Berlin, Germany
File Anima /2015 – São Paulo, Brazil
Pictoplasma /2013 – Berlin, Germany
Incredibly Short Film Festival (ISFF) /2013 – Sydney, Australia
Slanted Gallery / Yule Log 2.0 Project /2013 – New York, USA

weareseventeen is a motion graphics and design studio based in london:



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