Je ne sens plus rien / I Don’t Feel Anything Anymore Trailer

Je ne sens plus rien / I Don’t Feel Anything Anymore Trailer

He is a magician, she is a fireman. To keep away from the vagaries of the hectic planet, the two lovers go about their daily activities in a nacelle perched in the air. Their challenge is to stay in balance all the way while everything goes wrong elsewhere. But life is so made that firefighters must extinguish fires and magicians, give themselves in spectacle. How then should one assume his duties in this disordered world?

Je ne sens plus rien / I Don’t Feel Anything Anymore Trailer from Carl Roosens on Vimeo.

Authors of the musical animation short film Around the lake, which had made festival-goers sing in 2013, Belgian filmmakers Noémie Marsily and Carl Roosens here sign a satire of our world in disarray, involving both the entertainment company and the temptation to withdraw into oneself, causing humor and tenderness to emerge in chaos. Supported by an agile and supple line, the narrative of “I Don’t Feel Anything Anymore” switches from one wacky situation to the other causing each time the astonishment. Thanks to the talent of the filmmakers for the caricature, this improbable world resembles strangely ours. The course of events, punctuated by absurd flights, is carried by a rich soundtrack where, in echo to contemporary disorder, intertwine noises, music and even the voice of the Quebec soprano Natalie Choquette.

Carl Roosens

Born in Anderlecht, Belgium, in 1982, Carl Roosens studied art at the École de recherche graphique in Brussels, where he specialized in illustration, video and engraving. In company with Noémie Marsily, his spouse, he realizes in 2010 a first short animation film with sarcastic humor: Poodle. Noted in the circuit of international festivals, the film collects the National Competition Prize of the Namur International French-Language Film Festival in 2012. Completed in 2012, the film Around the Lake gets an impressive success in festivals because of its energy, its unusual imagery and the irresistible melody of the song. He won numerous awards, including the Canal + Creation Award for a short film at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival and a mention at the Montréal Animation Summits. The filmmaker also signs two animated series of poetry and caustic humor: Poor poor history, from 2011 to 2015, then Moustique, in 2015, co-directed with Noémie Marsily and broadcast on Canal + channel. From the beginning, the work of animation of Carl Roosens and Noémie Marsily is supported by the Brussels studio Zorobabel, specialized in the short animation animation of author. In 2016, Zorobabel and the National Film Board of Canada initiated the co-production of I do not feel anything by Roosens and Marsily, an unusual short film that gives a sneering look at the world’s disorder. Noémie Marsily and he lead a multidisciplinary career that embraces animation, illustration, music and comics

Noémie Marsily

Noémie Marsily was born in Braine-l’Alleud, Belgium, in 1983. Hes studies allow hem to acquire a vast artistic training in illustration at the ESA Saint-Luc, painting in La Cambre and engraving at the ” Uccle Art School. She then turned to cartoon and graphic novel, signing works that highlight the originality of her approach. Her plastic work is celebrated in numerous exhibitions in Belgium and France. She is also interested in animation, realizing three short films in 2007 and 2008. With her spouse, Carl Roosens, she signs in 2010 a film that propels the career of two filmmakers. This satirical film on the tyranny of beauty, with its original drawings and cut-out elements, won the Grand Jury Prize for a first European short film in the Animation category at the Premiers plans d’Angers festival. In 2011, Carl Roosens and her stay in the metropolis of Quebec to wander on Mount Royal: this is when the inspiration for the truculent animation clip Around the lake is born. The film gets a great success in the festivals. It’s awarded in Annecy, Brussels, Montreal, Bradford and Córdoba. In 2014, she directed an animated miniseries with Carl Roosens, Moustique, aired on Canal +. Since the beginning, their work has been supported by the Belgian production company Zorobabel, which specializes in short animated short films. In 2016, the National Film Board of Canada and Zorobabel co-produce an animated short film designed by the couple, I do not feel anything. Noémie Marsily has also devoted herself to teaching, leading for example animation workshops for children. Carl Roosens and her signed a colorful work, which explores new avenues as well in animation as in cartoon, illustration and music.

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