YIN – TEASER – 2D Short film by Nicolas Fong

YIN – TEASER – 2D Short film by Nicolas Fong

Teaser for an upcoming animated short film directed by Nicolas Fong
In Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang are two entities resulting from the original breath. These are two opposing but complementary forces.

Music : Emile Sornin
Sound design : David Nelissen

YIN teaser from Nicolas Fong on Vimeo.

Born in 1982 in Paris. During his studies at La Cambre until 2008, he made films selected in several festivals (Junk Food in 2005 – Cholera in 2006 – Bill & Bob, 2008).
He currently works for the animation studio in Brussels “Sinematik *” where he is and animator and lead animator for TV series such as “Mysterious Cities of Gold” and feature films such as “le tableau”. Regularly, he also performs commissioned films for New-York or Luxembourg agency.
The director/artist Nicolas Fong creates evolution animations, psychedelic swirls in transformation, to invite to the fascination.
This “big fat bearded” is in constant search of hallucinatory visual games between the magical and the creepy, he operates his experiments for clips and short films. Now he’s working on a short animated movie called “Yin”.

2005 – Junk Food
2006 – Cholera
2008 – Bill & Bob
2009 – Formalité
2010 – Lisa et le jus d’orange
2011, 2012 – Life Elia et Life Elia-Haute Durance
2012 – clip fete de la musique Luxembourg
2013 – music clip Arun Tazzieff – Those Visions Have No End.
2014 – music clip Forever Pavot – Green Nap 2015 – music clip BRNS – Many Chances

You can check his works at:

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