AMAZE is searching for animation talent!

AMAZE is searching for animation talent!

The AMAZE team is seeking animators who are interested in taking on the challenge of creating animation films. AMAZE is seeking young animators (and professionals) who are interested in reinventing Sex Ed for kids with innovative, interesting and fun videos. Each animator will be paired with subject matter experts and will be mentored by other top animators along the way.

Videos will be published first in the United States and then in other countries around the world. If selected you will receive $5,000 to help pay for the production of your video. Plus, if they publish your video, you’ll automatically be entered into a competition for the annual AMAZE Best New Animation Award of $15,000! AMAZE videos are published under the Creative Commons license, with credit given to the animator.

AMAZE is a collaboration between Advocates for Youth, Answer, and Youth Tech Health working to create an engaging, age appropriate, online sex education resource for young adolescents. While focused towards youth, it is also designed to help facilitate parents and teachers having a healthy discussion with adolescents about these important but sensitive subjects.

They are in the process of creating 30 videos on different sexual health topics. They’ve also been working with a number of young animators and are looking to partner with up to 10 additional animators for the second phase of animations. The selected animators would work closely with the production team to create storyboards and rough cuts before going into full production. The aim is to look for young animators who are interested to use their talent to educate 10-14 year olds. The work should be creative, colorful and fun and incorporate educational information along with humor to keep the young target audience engaged.

The selected animators will be invited to produce short original animations on a specific topic area in conjunction with a subject matter expert. Each animator will receive a stipend of $5000 and be entered into a contest to win an additional $15,000. Prize winning animators have the opportunity to be funded to create ongoing animation projects in their unique animation style.

Check their website for more info – AMAZE

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